I was lucky enough to work in David Thompson Country with Keri who did the live ceremony music 

Highly recommend.

My service is All-inclusive, however, on occasion I do have to rent.  And when I do Infintie Event Services is my go to spot.  Sheldon and his team will always take care of your needs.

Best beef that i have had and all around fantastic catering service.  Elizabethan, hands down.

I have to say that the catering industry has really stepped it up this year.

Bully Truck is the best I have come across in years.  Unbelievable, and top notch all the way.

Unbelievable Burger Bar and unparalleled service give The White Bull Cafe two thumbs up

Mercer's Catering is right up there too

highly recommended

When it comes to photographers.  I have been lucky enough to work with  Rhiannon Sarah on a couple of occasions.  Not only does she work in stealth, with professional equipment.  But her finished product always has me saying "wow"

In regards to photographers, as I always state, I am never really a big fan, as good ones are far and few between.  That being said, I was lucky enough to work with  s for both the ceremony and after party.  Not only was i amazed to work alongside the team, but was astonished with the final product.  Hands down the best I have come across in 30 years.

Have a look...and enjoy. 

Professional photographers are few and far between.  Images by JP made me rethink and stop in ahh of him and his wife's service they provide.  Always ready, professional gear and a top notch photo booth .  Finished!

I personally am not a big fan of Photo Booths, but Cutie Pics runs a highly interactive and professional service.

Outstanding Venues

Bragg Creek Community Center

David Thompson Resort