Frequently Asked Questions


Music Service

What Kind Of Music Do You Use/Play?                                                                             

Only AVLA Licensed Digital Formatted Music Of All Genres.  I Have No Preset Play List, And Carry A Massive Library Of Over 30,000 Audio And Video Tracks My Only Criteria Is Fun, As Long As The Music Is Not Derogatory And Demeaning I Have No Limitations                 

Do You Belong To Any Groups Or Associations?                                                                

Yes, I Belong To The Alberta Association Of Mobile Entertainers aka AAME In Addition, Promo Only, & Entertainment Resource Group For Licensed Music And Video

Do You Take Requests?                                                                                     

Yes, You Will Set The Parameters Of The Play List Prior To The Party Request Sheets Will Be Placed On All Tables Prior To Guest Arrival, That And Walk Up Requests Will Refine The Play List For The Event.

 Is Your Music Licensed?  

Yes, Crazy D's Is A Member To All The Major Music Pools Including ETV Network Video, Entertainment Resource Group, And Promo Only

Can You Provide Ceremony Music?  

Absolutely, I Have A Full Compliment Of Traditional Ceremony Music.

Is There An Extra Fee For The Ceremony?  

No, As Long As In The Same Venue, My Service Is All Inclusive, And A Day Is A Day

What If Our Ceremony Is In A Different Venue?  

That We Will Have To Play By Ear, Rest Assured I Will Bend Over Backwards To Accommodate You And Your Requirements

What If Our Ceremony Is Outdoors?   

First, You Never Predict The Weather Until The Last Moment Which Always Makes This Difficult From Both A Logistical And A Organization Perspective.  Solution A:  Remote Speakers Via Wired, Or Wireless at Ceremony Location  Solution B:  Completely Remote Simple Set Up With Powered EV ELX-115P (See Equipment) Speakers With MP3/Source And Microphone Into Speakers  Solution   C: Complete Second Set Up At Ceremony Location

What Will Be Required At Remote Location?  

Some Sort Of Shelter, Power (1 Isolated Circuit), If This Can Not Be Provided, The Party Van Does Have An On Board 1000 Watt Power Supply For Such Situations

Are You Interactive?  

Absolutely, All DJs Are Interactive, However There Are Different Degrees.  I Do Not Show Up As A Clown With Gimmicks And Props To Steal The Show, You Are My Focus And Should Be The Show, I Merely Give You The Guidance You Need And Let The Music/Video Do The Rest

What Is Interactive Video?  

I Utilize A Video Wall That Is Comprised Of Ambient Video (To Go With Your Theme Or Decorum)  Live Video Feed From The Dance Floor To Add To The Crowd Interactivity,  Music Videos If They Fit In With The Play List  And Full Crowd Karaoke

Can You Explain This Nightclub DJ Service?  

I Am Not Your Ordinary Press Play DJ, With The Monotone Voice "Now It's Time To Play A Country Song"  I Utilize The Music To Do The Talking And Build The Energy Of Your Party.  This Is Accomplished With Beat/Tempo Mixing Slam Mixing High Energy Announcements, So That The Music And Energy Are Continuous Vs. Stop And Go That Confuses You And Your Guests.  This Style Is Also Great To Introduce New Music And Styles To Your Guests Who Would Otherwise Pass Different Music Genres By.  Match This Up With High Energy Persona, Intelligent Lighting, Lasers Crystal Clear Sound And You Have A Nightclub Experience 


Can You Provide A Cordless/Microphone For Our MC/Speeches/Presentation? 

 Absolutely, All Of My Equipment Is At Your Disposal.  If You Require More Than One Wireless Microphone A Reminder Will Be Required 

Is There An Extra Fee For The Use Of Your Microphone/s?

No, My Service Is All Inclusive     

Do You Have/Provide Lighting?

Absolutely, Lighting Not Only Adds To The Ambiance, But The Energy Of The Crowd As Well.

What Type Of Lighting Do You Have/Provide?    All Of My Lighting Fixtures Are Martin Based Intelligent Light-To-SoundI Also Feature A Full Color 500 Mwatt ILDA Laser SystemRGB LED Par Lighting Can Also Be Utilized For Uplighting/Decorating.  Please See My Equipment Page For Full Details 

Do You Charge Extra For Your Light Show?    

No, My Service Is All Inclusive.  All Of My Equipment Is At Your Disposal 

Do You Have A LCD/Data Projector That We Can Use?    

Yes, I Feature NEC MultiSync LCD Projectors, All Rated Over 3000 ANSI Lumens.  Please See My Equipment Page For Full Details 

Is There An Extra Fee For The Use Of Your LCD/Data Projectors? 

No, My Service Is All InclusiveAll Of My Equipment Is At Your Disposal 

What If We Do Not Want/Require Lighting And/Or Video? 

My Service Is All Inclusive, And Everything Is At Your Disposal If You Don't Require It, We Don't Use It, however, I Have Found That At Many Cases (When I Worked For Other Companies Like ASI, Global And Twilte) The Organizers Thought They Were Cutting Costs By Eliminating These Factors, Only To Realize That They Would've Made All The Difference Being To Late To Make This Decision, They Were Kicking Themselves After The Fact 

Do You Use Smoke/Fog?    

Yes, I Only Use Non Allergenic Water Based Fog, In Its Most Basic Formula Of Water And Glycerin Scented With Either Mango, Strawberry Or Vanilla Oils 

I/My Guests Are Allergic To Smoke, Can We Eliminate It?    

Again, My Service Is All Inclusive, And Fog Enhances The Lighting/Laser, Bringing It Into The 3-Dimensional Realm.  Because The Fog Solution I Use Is Nothing More That Glycerin And Water With Essence Oils, If You Can Take A Shower, You Can Handle The Fog.  Unfortunately, The Premonition Of DJs From The 70's And 80's Using Oil Based SMOKE not Fog Is Still Predominate Present Day, however, If You Don't Want, We Can Eliminate It 

Do You Have Back Up Equipment/Gear

Yes, All Of My Equipment/Systems Are Doubled Up For Failsafe Operations Including:  Dual Amps Dual Loudspeaker Systems Spare Bulbs And Fuses For Lighting Hard Drive And CDs.  However, In The Catastrophic Event Of Total Equipment Failure, I Do Have A Full Back Up System, With A Spare 

Do You Have/Provide Any Uplighting?   

Yes, I Now Feature 4, 27 Watt RGB and 2 45 Watt RGBWY Wireless & Battery Operated LED Pars Which Can Be Used As Dance Lights, Or Mood/Uplighting.  Please See My Equipment Page For Full Details 



What Do You Charge?

I Charge A Flat All Inclusive RateMy Cost Is $1000.00 + $50.00(GST) = $1050.00(TOTAL) 

Do You Charge Overtime If Our Party Goes Later Than We Anticipated?   

No, My Service Is All Inclusive A Day Is A Day 

Do You Take A Deposit?

First Off Let Me State That Anybody Who Pays For Anything Before It Is Delivered As Promised Is A Fool, Myself Included, And I Respect That Rule.That Being Said, I Know That Your Piece Of Mind May Not Be Ensured Until This Is Accomplished, Knowing That Many DJ Companies Are All About The Money And Will Leave You Hanging If Another Client Will Pay More.  So To Meet Both Criteria, I Take A Tangible Asset (Post Dated Check For Event Date) Of $200.00 Which Is Not Cashed Till After The Event.  Thus Ensuring Your Piece Of Mind And That My Service Is Delivered As Described And Promised 

What If I Need To Cancel?    

No Problem, I Understand Plans Get Changed And/Or Altered.  Let Me Know As Soon As Possible, As Long As This Is Done On A Timely Basis So That I May Accommodate Another Client.  However, If Within A Week From Booked Date I Will Cash Your Deposit Check, And If Within 72 Hours Will More Than Likely Ask For Full Payment As A Replacement Client Will Be Highly Unlikely To Accommodate 10

Other & Miscellaneous

 Do You Require Dinner?

 No, That Is Totally Up To You

How Many Chairs Will You Require?

None, I Do Not Sit At Your EventPart Of The Interactive Experience Is The "Monkey See, Monkey Do" AttitudeIf You And You Your Guests See Me Sitting Down You/They Will Probably Too

Do You Drink?

More Than Likely, I Am A Licensed Mixologist And I Do Enjoy A Fine Beverage, As Well As, Encourage You And Your Guests To As Well

My Group/Organization/Family Does Not Dance How Will You Ensure They Have A Good Time?

First Off, Let Me Ask You If You Are Having A Reunion, Or A Party?If You And Your Group Are Only Getting Together For A Reunion To Talk And Reminisce, Crazy D's Is Not The Service For You, I Highly Recommend Either Renting A Public Address With An Ipod Or Contacting A More Basic "Jukebox DJ Company"That Being Said, I Understand People Do Not Like To Dance (Myself Included), However, They Do Like To PartySo Using The Guidelines That You In Advance Preset, I Use My Nightclub Knowledge And Experience To Gauge And Monitor The CrowdRemember, Just Because They Are Not Dancing On The Dance Floor Does Not Mean They Are Not Having A Good Time, I Watch For Other Signs:Toes TappingDancing In The BackgroundSinging At Tables/BackgroundThe Loose Canon Who Wants To Shed The TieI Have A Massive Arsenal Of Persona, Music, Video, Lighting And Special Effects That Will Move Your Crowd From Timid And Intimidated To Full Out Uninhibited Party Animals 

 How Much Time Do You Need To Set Up?

Each Venue Is Different, However, It Is Safe To Say I Will Require At Least 90 Minutes Set Up TimeSafety Is Paramount, And Power Is A Big Requirement To Ensure A Failsafe EventSo As Much As 3 Hours Or More May Be Required For Your Set Up Depending On Your Requirements And The Venue Itself

Do You Have Any Special Set Up Requirements? 

Yes, Because I Do Not Provide Your Normal/Typical DJ Service I Require At Least 2 Isolated 110 Volt Power CircuitsI Would Prefer 5 Isolated 110 Volt Power Circuits To Ensure Unlimited Audio, Video, Lighting And Special EffectsIf 220 Volts/50 Amp Power Is Available, That Is Fantastic, And Will Work PerfectlyA Ten Foot Table Is Optimal, Or Combination Of Six/Eight Foot Tables, But I Will Conform To Whatever Space Is Available 

When Do You Set Up?

If Possible, I Will Always Set Up When You Are Decorating To Ensure All Logistical And Technical Problem Are Addressed In AdvanceIf This Is Not The Case, I Will Set Up As Early As Possible To Ensure No Hiccups Occur 

What Time Do You Arrive At?

I Arrive When Your Guests Start To Arrive To Provide Cocktail/Dinner MusicAs Well As, A Meet And Greet To Start Shaping The Music For The Event

What Time Do You Play Until?

My Service Is All Inclusive A Day Is A Day Music Is Provided Until The Point You Or Your Venue Tell Me To Stop.  I Will Be The Last Man Standing

If I Hire You, Will You Be The DJ In Attendance? 

Absolutely, If You Hire Me, It Is Me You Are Getting

Will You Subcontract My Event Out? 

No, When You Hire Crazy D's, You Get Crazy D's

I Am Just Researching At This Point, But I Am Wondering Why I Should Hire You When X...service Is Only $X...amount?

 Again, I Will State, My Service Is All Inclusive,Another Service May Quote A Lower Price Initially, But As Soon As You Are On The Hook, The Pyramid Scheme Will Commence, And Rest Assured When All Is Said And Done That You Will Pay More, If Not Substantially More In The End.Plus, With A Professional Service, You Have Peace Of Mind, Which Is PricelessI Only Provide The Best Of Everything:The Best PersonaThe Best Public AddressThe Best Intelligent LightingThe Best Laser Light ShowThe Best MusicThe Best VideoI Also Let You Know (Here Included) What You Are Getting, In Explicit Detail, No General DescriptionsThis Ensures Your Confidence As To What Your Are Getting, With No Hidden Or Last Minute Surprises Or Fees

Do You Provide References?

Yes, All Clients That Hire Crazy D's Are Made Aware That Potential Clients May Call Upon Them Or Visit Their Party For A ReferenceYou Pick The Date And I Will Provide You With The Name And Phone Number Of The ClientYou And Your Eyes Are Your Best Reference, Which Is Why I Have This Policy.  However, If Meeting Up Is Too Much Of An Inconvenience.  I Do Have A Full List Of Videos (Youtube) On My Downloads Page To Assist YouI Can Also Submit To You A DVD For Viewing At Your Convenience.  Plus Radio Station CRZD To Give You A Real Time Stream Of  How And What I Mix For Music 



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